The art of sound is captured by the gifted ears of an audio engineer and years of experience. Our staff is the best in the industry.


Speakers | Mixers | Wireless Mic's




Lighting evokes emotions, reveals your product, excites your crowd, illuminates your presenters, or color washes your buildings... Endless possibilities.


Up Lighting |  Effects | Moving Lights


Staging & Set Design


Using a modular design enables us to provide any size stage and roof system, from small acoustic acts to the largest festivals. Custom banners for your sponsors.


Bands | Commencements | Announcements




If you are looking for the latest in high definition and wide screen video technologies, look no further, EPS is your multi-media headquarters.


Projection | Led-Wall | Tv's | Cameras




Entertainers use a variety of equipment to reproduce their sound. Our backline team will provide the instruments needed for their performance.


Drums | Guitars | Keyboards | DJ Mixers




Planning and preparing is essential in today's fast pace environment. To insure everything is in its place, let our design staff draw up 3D renderings of your event.


Lighting Simulation | Venue Layout

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